We’ve been fortunate to have found IMS and send our 3 children to the school since infancy.  The staff is so attentive, loving, talented, and devoted to each child’s growth and well being.  We chose IMS in large part due to the smaller than typical head count in the infant room.  More of an in-home, hands-on type care which makes them feel like family.  Having now had a child attend all through the primary age, we can say that this same care continues through each classroom.  IMS embodies the Montessori philosophy while at the same time catering to each child and ensuring their comfort. It has been a joy to work with all members of the organization who maintain wonderful professionalism.

Hannah Coover (parent)

Zachary spent 4.5 wonderful years at Montessori, including Kindergarten.  We cannot thank the program enough for not only nurturing him academically, but emotionally and socially as well.  The entire Team always gave Zachary the opportunity to grow, learn, challenge himself, and most importantly, they treated him with respect and reason, as a little person, not just a tot. It was bittersweet to graduate and say goodbye.  However, we know Zachary is ready for the next step, and we are so glad we made the decision of joining this Montessori Family. 

– John Coyle (parent)

Montessori Enrichment Center was a beautiful introduction to Montessori for my girls and me. Maureen, the Founder, created a small, welcoming, and authentic Montessori experience that allowed each of my daughters’ to blossom into the accomplished, curious and kind adults they are today. All children deserve the gift of experiencing a Montessori classroom, a classroom that is deeply rooted in respect, allows for exploration, and builds cognitive skills through hands-on activities. 

– Alexa Huxel (parent)