Great school. Teachers are loving and nurturing. My daughter adjusted to this school in no time. She asks to go every day, even when there is no school. I love that she’s happy and wants to learn.

Kate W.

I couldn’t be more happy with this school and the teachers.  My son has learned so much and I know that he is being well prepared for elementary school.  This place is top notch and far superior in their teachings when compared to other preschools in the area.  I highly recommend it.

Sue Ann M.

My daughter is 3 y/o and she loves it and is she is learning so much! .. It’s clean safe and affordable! What more can you ask for!! The place is safe and the door is always locked, my daughter knows her sounds , shapes, numbers, and colors . A lot of activities. 

Bethany S.

Both of my kids go to this school. The staff is great and the owner has been extremely flexible with my schedule and very accommodating.  My sons absolutely love going there, have a great time and learn a lot! Very pleased and would recommend to everyone!!!

Mark J.

I cannot say enough kind words about the entire staff at MEC Howell campus. My kids love their teachers and staff, and management is always making a strong presence. I look forward to watching my children grow and learn at MEC in Howell!

Cathy D.

My son went to MEC for the past 3 yrs and my daughter attends now. My kids are learning so much every day and they will be well prepared for MEC kindergarten and public 1st grade. They enjoy going every day and the staff are very caring. Would recommend!!!

Josie K.

If you’re looking for a great Montessori preschool to bring your kids with staff that truly care, enroll in MEC. The staff genuinely care, and most are mothers and understand. Great facility and my kids & I love it here!!!

Richard M.

We have been sending our son to MEC, Howell campus for over two years. The staff is friendly and genuinely caring. Anytime I have a question or concern, it is addressed in a timely and professional manner. My son is learning all and so much more than what I expected. 

Nick D.

MEC is a friendly and nurturing, very safe environment. Fresh fruits & veggies for students in classrooms every day.

Pat B.

We absolutely love Montessori Enrichment Center, their staff is amazing! They take great care of our son and offer a variety of enrichment activities. Our son is definitely thriving and MEC and has been able to relieve us of the stress as we returned to work. We absolutely recommend them as a trusted preschool to care for our precious little one.


MEC has been a wonderful first experience with preschool for my son (2.5 years old). He loves his teachers and in addition to learning, has a lot of activities that are experiential/hands on learning: cooking, music, dance etc. The teachers are great and my son has been learning and having fun!

Joan L.

I cannot say enough great things about Montessori Enrichment Center! As a first-time mom I was so nervous about finding the right preschool, and brining my baby to MEC every day truly feels like leaving him with family. The entire staff is so friendly and welcoming! The environment is very clean and provides great activities. I would highly recommend Montessori Enrichment Center!

Pamela B.

I love MEC. After searching and visiting about 6 or 7 schools, we fell in love with the teachers and the atmosphere here. My son loves his teachers, made some great friendships and is learning a lot. We don’t speak English at home and so when we see him reading & counting in English, we know where that is from. They have windows which make the rooms brighter and lighter (and it’s surprisingly a hard thing to find at preschools), they provide healthy snacks throughout the day. We are super happy here!

Diane K.

The BEST School ever! If you want the best for your child, send them here! The teachers and staff are amazing! Kind, caring, loving staff. You will be amazed at how your child will blossom!

Trish S.

Montessori Enrichment Center is an amazing preschool! The staff are extremely caring and my son learns so much every day. He has developed a love of learning, all while building his confidence and socializing with other kids. He’s become a talkative, confident, independent little boy and I can’t thank MEC enough for providing the secure, loving environment for his development. It’s also conveniently located off Rt 9 in Howell with excellent security by Howell police on site.

Maria K.

I had a really hard time leaving my first child when I had to return back to work. When I visited The Montessori Enrichment Center for the very first time I felt such peace walking into the environment. It just felt like home… clean, open, and beautiful with child size EVERYTHING. The Montessori philosophy of providing and encouraging opportunities for independence were obvious as we walked around the classroom and heard from experienced staff members how our child’s day would go. Since we rolling my son a few years back, his sister has followed right in his footsteps. I am constantly in awe of what my children come home learning about and the process they are going through. The students get outside each day and bundle up in cold weather. The communication between the staff and parents is excellent!!! I get to hear all about my child’s day and it’s something I think many other daycare/schools are missing. They are having fun learning, fostering friends and respect for others. They’re happy and most importantly I know my children are safe as I hug them good bye each day. I am forever grateful for this program giving my children such a solid foundation in their education.

Jennifer Levi

Exceptional. This is the best thing that happened to my kids. Now they are in public school, but they still love Montessori Enrichment center and think that is the best school ever. The teachers are compassionate, knowledgeable, caring and passionate about instilling a love of learning. You can’t go wrong with this choice.


Sending my son to this school was the best decision I have ever made! He started in their Tot Program, continued onto their Pre-K level & is currently in their Full Day Kindergarten program. Above & beyond learning to read & write, the children are studying the great artists, composers, social studies & geography, math, science & anatomy! The Teachers & Staff are TOP NOTCH! They foster independence & a love of learning in a warm, nurturing, safe, clean & fun environment.


We love the MEC! Our kids love it there! The staff and all teachers make you feel like family. I have such peace of mind when I drop my children off. I really don’t need to worry about anything when we are at work. We can’t thank you enough for all the hard work and care you put into our children.

Ashley F.

I am beyond grateful to have discovered the Montessori Enrichment Center. Prior to Montessori my son was not speaking as much as he should have been. As soon as my son started to go to the enrichment center, he flourished. He has learned so much since beginning and he continues to amaze me day by day and week by week on how much he learns. He is always so excited to show me the crafts he has done and to tell me about the day he had, and what he learned or accomplished while in school. It is such a blessing to be able to have conversations with my little one and for him to be able to express how he feels, what he wants and what he likes or does not like. The staff has become like a family to me. Anytime there is anything going on in our lives that can affect my son, I let him know and they focus on assisting my son through everything while in class. It has been a big help having people that care and love my son, by his side while he is in school. They give complete attention to each individual child and their needs. They will let you know when you as a parent are ding too much or too little. I love that an I am grateful for that, because as a parent we tend not to see some things. They help me in raising my child with focusing on what’s best for him and his needs. I pray that eventually they are able to extend into more grades because I get nervous about having to take my son anywhere else. Since the first day I dropped him off and didn’t look back. I feel so comfortable and safe leaving my son in their care. I trust them with all of my heart.


I am so grateful I chose MEC for my daughter’s first school experience. The staff is incredible. When I send my daughter through the doors I am confident that she is safe, genuinely cared for and receiving a quality education.

They practice true Montessori principles and they take the time to communicate with me my daughter’s progress. My daughter runs into school each time we arrive. One day she was very upset while leaving because she wanted to stay. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with this facility. I highly recommend it.

Elissia Falato

Zachary spent 4.5 wonderful years at Montessori, including Kindergarten.  We cannot thank the program enough for not only nurturing him academically, but emotionally and socially as well.  The entire Team always gave Zachary the opportunity to grow, learn, challenge himself, and most importantly, they treated him with respect and reason, as a little person, not just a tot. It was bittersweet to graduate and say goodbye.  However, we know Zachary is ready for the next step, and we are so glad we made the decision of joining this Montessori Family. 

John Coyle

Montessori Enrichment Center was a beautiful introduction to Montessori for my girls and me. Maureen, the Founder, created a small, welcoming, and authentic Montessori experience that allowed each of my daughters’ to blossom into the accomplished, curious and kind adults they are today. All children deserve the gift of experiencing a Montessori classroom, a classroom that is deeply rooted in respect, allows for exploration, and builds cognitive skills through hands-on activities. 

Alexa Huxel

I cannot thank Montessori Enrichment Center enough for all they have done for our children.  You can tell how much the teachers truly love and understand their students.  They take the time to get to know them deeply and meet their needs.  I cannot express how much my children have loved being in school and how much they have grown academically, socially, and emotionally.  We love them and are thrilled to have one more year in their care.

Heather Scott

My oldest daughter started Montessori when she was 2 and continued until kindergarten. She is currently finishing 7th grade in all gifted and talented classes and nearly gets straight A’s! The majority of kids in her G & T classes all started at Montessori together!  I can’t think it is a coincidence they excel in school!  I now have my youngest at Montessori and love watching her thrive in this environment. I can’t speak highly enough about the amazing concept and base for a love of learning Montessori teaches these children.

Vicki Parker McGuire

It gets 5 Stars because that is as many as is selectable. Phenomenal staff, if you want the best for your child than they are already enrolled.

Jason Sommers

As a former preschool teacher, I knew I wanted to send my daughter somewhere that would naturally encourage learning, yet tailor to her individual strengths and weaknesses.  I didn’t want her to get a cookie-cutter experience that forced her to be on the exact same path as every other kid. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Montessori has been for her. I know she wouldn’t have gotten the same experience elsewhere, and the teachers have been so responsive, kind, and guided her to grow all on her own. I feel the teamwork between parents and staff is amazing as well. Highly recommend!

Laura Michelle