Parent Involvement

We recognize the need for parents and teachers to work together to serve the needs of the child. Parent involvement is an integral part of our program. We encourage parents to observe their child in class and set up individual conferences. We organize parent orientation workshops for discussions on the Montessori method, child development and parenting.

Parents who are interested in making special contributions to the class in the form of material making or presenting their talents to the class are encouraged to do so.


As a parent, we know that you are very interested in the level of education that your child receives. Montessori Enrichment Center is dedicated to providing a safe environment for your students. All or our classrooms have one-way mirrors and we have an open door visiting policy. Parents are welcome at any time to come observe their child while class is in session.

*Observations have been suspended due to COVID.


We hold parent/teacher conferences twice a year to keep you apprised of your child’s growth. During these conferences, we discuss the progress the child has made and will address any questions/concerns you as a parent may have.


Our school will hold a family day where the students give their parents a tour of their classroom and parents are introduced by their child to their “work”. We schedule the students in blocks of time so that the families have time to freely move around the classroom and truly have their “own” time.


Periodically, we will be working on special projects in class. Your child’s teacher will send an announcement home if they are in need of extra help. It is during this time that we encourage our parents to take part in these activities. It is a wonderful way to take part in your child’s educational environment!