The exercises encourage the child to master motor skills and independence in their daily living. Lessons in “Grace and Courtesy” provide for the development of mutual respect and good manners in greetings, waiting one’s turn and respect for the work of others.


This area presents math concepts in concrete form. The sequence of the Math area begins with simple self-correcting counting materials and leads to experience with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of complex numbers using concrete manipulative materials. 


This area includes scientifically designed materials which introduce one concept at a time. The child is given a wide range of experience in discrimination of heights, lengths, widths, colors, sounds, smells, shapes, and textures. Refinement of the senses and development of skills in thinking, judging, concentrating, comparing, and sequencing are important preparation of more complex learning in math, writing and reading.


Language development is an integral part of the Montessori classroom. Experiences in vocabulary enrichment, classification, self-expression and listening skills provide the child with a rich language atmosphere. Through a hands-on phonetic approach writing and reading skills develop naturally and spontaneously. 


Children manipulate globes that facilitate the concepts of land and water. Each continent is broken down individually for the child to explore. Identification of shape, location of each continent is covered as well as the animals, customs and culture of each area.


The Montessori materials assist the children to independently explore science with a hands-on approach. Experiments are conducted by the children to help them feel, see and hear their way through the curriculum.


Activities in art, music, foreign language and movement are an important part of our curriculum. Exercises in body movement assist the child’s physical development, body awareness, and coordination.


Our guest speaker program involves working professionals coming in to speak to the students about their profession and how their work impacts the world around us. Prior guest speakers have included fire and police personnel, therapy dogs, visiting artists and more. Our Kindergarten program has a “Superstar” week for each student where they are encouraged to invite a guest speaker of their choice. Through this program, we have enjoyed the works of musicians, erected traffic patterns with lights, met horses, created culinary masterpieces and more.